Saturday, April 19, 2008

Top 10 List - Worst Things Existing Now and Then

  1. American Idol and Canadian Idol (anything idol counts as 1 except for Eric from Monty Python)
  2. That Spears thing - (unstable and no talent and unstable and unstable and not talent)
  3. 80's Metal Bands with those open shirts and see me play my guitar with spread legs and big big hair and the bad bad music (Deep Purple should be required listening for these acts)
  4. Dr. Phil getting involved with that Spears thing and making sure everyone knew about it.
  5. Dr. Phil bailing out of jail that whacko kid who along with other whacko kids assaulted someone and posted it on YouTube. May you all rot in jail but don't forget to film it and post it.
  6. Reality Shows and anyone who watches them
  7. Rappers and Disco Dance Music (where the hell did this shit come from)
  8. Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson (see what happened after banning the use of pesticides)
  9. Regis Philbin (you need help if you think this jerk is funny)
  10. Tiger Woods (how can someone not know that appearing in 400 million commercials is a bit much)

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