Saturday, April 19, 2008

"Baby, Baby, Baby" Abuse In Song Lyrics

How many songs have you heard lately that features the word "Baby" in the lyrics?

I hereby give notice, that this word will soon be deleted from every recording available as a download and all future releases on CD, record or found in a box of popcorn. If you are one of those brilliant lyracists in the process of writing a hit song, think of another word to use. If you do not, I will replace it for you.

With my newly developed "Baby Sniffer Technology" I will be tracking down these offensive songs on Websites and factories producing them.

Enough is enough. "Baby I can't take it no more cuz Baby Baby Baby your song is drivel"

We hear brilliance such as this "Be My Baby" - "Baby I Love You" - "Eww Baby Baby Baby" -- "baby this, baby that" -- Shut up already.

My "Baby Sniffer Technology" will eradicate this evil word and replace it with something such as this.

"Be My Ugly Looking Mutt" -- " I Love You, You Ugly Looking Mutt" -- "Eww You Ugly Looking Mutt, You Ugly Looking Mutt"

Take that songwriters.

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