Friday, June 1, 2012

Threats against - Duane Meyers - made by Susan Dawn Sam Fournier & Sex Chats with Alphonse J. Lavallee

So Someone Illegally deleted content here and altered the privacy settings and changed the password so I could not access it or anyone could view it. Wow, you are a freakin genius, what brains you have. It's puzzling though why only explicit content was deleted and nothing else. Yes, very puzzling.This would seem to suggest the content deleted could very well be content relating to certain individuals (Threats & Sex People). Only a conjecture mind you, there is no proof of this ... YET ... or maybe there IS.  I just didn't fall off the turnip truck in the use of computers.

I also have in my possession posts made to this blog with illegally obtained Facebook emails from my Facebook account. These posts were sent by Anonymous even after I requested this person to stop doing so.  The same person also sent me emails with the same exact Facebook emails
The emails sent have a real person associated with it. 
One can logically assume Anonymous and the person posting those Facebook emails are one in the same. Look up the law on this. It's illegal for anyone to do this.

Are you reading this Blog idiot(s). It's obvious to all you will keep going back to it to see if viewing of it is blocked  and you still have control of it.

It's back ain't it and anyone can view it.
If you want to get yourself in deep shit attempting something like this again, be my guest.  You may just find yourself in deep shit with the previous Illegal Access of this account. Stay tuned oh great people who think they really got me with this. You Lose Morons.

When I contacted the Service Provider to inform them of this Illegal Activity, it was suggested to contact the authorities or personally take legal action.
I understand they have some excellent Computer Experts to track down these really smart and sneaky brilliant individuals who illegally tamper with things such as this. You can attempt to mask your real IP address, big deal, you can be found.
All they need to do is contact the service provider and get the IP address and name of the individual the IP belongs too or serve them with a Court Order to release this information.  I can't do this without a lawyer to get a court order (always another option). I know the dates when this illegal activity took place so it's a simple matter of harvesting this information from the traffic log files. Google also has records of this activity.

You think you have gotten away with this little illegal adventure. You may want to re-evaluate this.
Not just a few seconds evaluation and dismiss it, but a long long long evaluation. Try not to tax your brilliant brain. Yep, you is screwing around with the wrong person on this. My dear friends Mary Moo Cow and all the other animals in the barnyard want to cover you with some of the stuff she extracts from her body each day and then nail your ass to the cross (her way of saying press criminal charges). What can I say, Mary is a hoot.

Maybe keep an eye open today, or tomorrow or the next day or next week or a few months from now for two handsome gentlemen in uniforms motoring up to your house in a vehicle with a caged back seat coming to pay you a visit. Just when you think it's all forgotten, Poof!
"Gee Martha, the Police are here"
There is no time limit on reporting this. If you are convicted toss your passport away, you won't be allowed entry into many countries.

    • I am also filing a written complaint with the Service Provider under which my old email account is associated with (which is assigned to a certain SaskTel Account.) This email account was associated with this Blog, and may have been used to ILLEGALLY gain access to this site. I don't know if they will forward my complaint to the authorities or I will have to file a complaint myself.

I think I'll check out the getting stuffed Turkey file.

How about if we start off with this comment:
Note: All comments here if transcribed can be verified as factual statements made by comparing these statements with the original documents. Due to the less than perfect quality of some of the documents, but very much readable, I have decided to transcribe some portions of the original documents, word for word.
Nothing here can be disputed as not Factual: End of Story

Alphonse J. Lavallee to Susan Dawn (Sam) Fournier: (June 2010)
Oh no now he wants your mother

Great comment Lavallee. This is disgusting you would make such a statement. 
Lavallee, so many people I know and work with want the chance to see you in person.  They are huge admirers of you. Maybe bring yourself around sometime to work. Man, it will be pandemonium, a lot like Justin The Beaver showing up at a slumber party of 12 year olds.
I wonder if someone's mother or family members and friends are aware of this comment. Yah, I bet she is and just dismissed it "That silly boy"

The status of his BIGBOY or is that BIGBOY J.

Alphonse J. Lavallee: If you divide my height by the length of my middle knee what do you get?

Susan Dawn Fournier: hell that's okay I can put him in the grave long before me
Susan Dawn Fournier: I can put him in the nuthouse by the time I'm through
Susan Dawn Fournier: His blood pressure is sky high

Susan Dawn Fournier: 
no hon one bullet is all I need

Susan Dawn Fournier: Yup I always new when you had enough you just picked me up and stuffed me someplace. Yes honey you a bad boy ... good thing I like bad boys

Alphonse J. Lavallee: Stuffing, is that what you call it


Posted by Anonymous (Dec 2011) - to this blog:

A Very Merry Christmas to all. Mine and the girls was PERFECT and we are looking forward to a Happy New Year and the best year in years. CHEERS. The 4 of us couldn't be happier. Cant wait till VEGAS this summer where all our dreams will come true
Darn this is perplexing. Trying to figure out what is the best angle for my photo to be taken with my shirt Wide-Open. What can I say. The Hot Babes go for this, a hunk with his shirt Wide-Open, and that's ME babycakes.Get ready you lucky women, here I come.

Going to be a busy day, gotta change a light bulb, trim the grass and then I think I'll just spend the rest of the day sitting on the couch and stinking it up. Might even get a bottle of Cherry Whiskey and a Slurpy to mix it with.

Public Legal Education Saskatchewan (Dec 9, 2009)
*** Uttering Threats***
It is a criminal offence for anyone to threaten to...
• kill you or cause bodily harm to any person


Anonymous said...

you are one deranged fuck buddy. you got any friends or just spend time in your own little world. I think the Demon pegged you right.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. He strives to get morons like you to read this shit, and it worked. One for him, shit for you. Who the hell is Demon (must be that thing in your head). Why would you even attempt to take him on in a battle of wits you silly little asshole. Come back anytime. It will be a hoot watching you destroyed.

The X wife he just cant get over :) said...

Ha ha....going insane suits you. This is from a guy who sends his daughters hate facebook messages, quit's looking after his daughters. Expects everyone else to pay their way, cries all the time because he is depressed. Cant go to work, Is in shit up to his ass at work so probably wont have a job to garnish his wages. Yup and im the bad one. LOL. hmmm lets see how long it takes you to remove this. Heaven forbid anyone know the real truth. Grow up and be a dad. Get off the booze, talk some sense and maybe just maybe your daughters might talk to you.