Friday, February 29, 2008

Heather Hiscox Collen Jones CBC News Morning

Why do these so called TV broadcasting professionals overuse these two words "Of course"? Heather Hiscox, the anchor girl, will say things such as: "Of course our top story is ... " "Of course this or that." Of course basically means something is a well known fact, a given, something that always happens. Since when is the top story any of these.

Then we have Colleen Jones, the weather and sports girl. She will say "Of course Joe Blow won the batting title back in 1967. Maybe Joe Blow did, but does this statement a well know fact?. Of course it does not. These two are assuming we all know what they are talking about. If these dudes gotta say something, then the proper phrase would be something such as "You may recall ..." I have heard Jones say "There was a severe ice storm in Tiny Town yesterday, of course knocking down power lines." DUH. Since when does an ice storm automatically mean that power lines will be knocked down? Got nothing to do.

Watch the CBC Morning News, and count how many times these nerds say "Of course". Some days are worse than others. Eventually it will drive you bonkers. Then we have statements like this.
"An airplane on route to London crashed when something went terribly wrong". DUH. No kidding! Airplanes don't crash when everything goes right. Us morons can figure out that if a plane crashed something went screwie. There is also no standard for its use. Four people or 200 people die, and the event still went terribly wrong. Seems to me 200 people dying is more terribly bad than four. Why do media people need to tell anyone this?

There is never any need to say "of course" or "something went terribly wrong". Hiscox and Jones need to improve vastly. Your assignment, is to contact CBC Morning News and bug the hell out of em so the producer, or somebody with some stones has the nerve to insist that Hiscox the anchor girl, and Jones the weather and sports girl, knock it off. Oh oh! a shuddering thought.

Suppose the producer has no concept of professionalism and can't understand the problem? Nah, somebody over there at CBC must be a professional.

Check out "Fire Colleen Jones Blog" I agree with this person

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